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History of Mormons: Id80 M
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The History of the Saints in the State of Tennessee USA

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It seems so long ago, and I confess - I was surprised to see this here. To find the founder of this fantastic community is LDS is absolutely one of the most incredible things for me. So many sites are not safe for us for a variety of reasons.

My entry into the LDS Church was a rather interesting path I had not seen coming. Both of my parents are LDS, but as I was growing up I did not know this - for neither were active at the time. My desire to read was something I quite enjoyed in my youth. Thus, I must have read many of the books on the shelves in my parents' home. Among those books were two mysteries I did not at that time explore.

One was an old blue copy of the Book of Mormon with the angel Moroni blowing his trumpet. The other was a black book of the triple set: Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price. I was 12 I believe when I first discovered them, and the black one had my father's name engraved in gold letters on the front.

Yet, I was never curious enough to explore their pages, but I never forgot those two books. One day, in my senior year of high school in Keller, Texas, I noticed one of my female friends working on something other than her math homework. Curious, I had leaned over to ask what she was working on. Krissy explained she was working on her Young Women's book. I was all the more curious about this. Krissy was one of those very special ladies at school. She stood out without even trying to it seemed. She was modest in thought and deed, kind, compassionate, beautiful, and insightful. I never saw her do anything underhanded or mean. So, I inquired as to what this book was she was working on.

That led to her inviting me to her church: The LDS Church. Yet, I was hesitant. I had recently had a bad experience with a different church which ended up divided after the Youth Minister had been fired. The children ended up sitting on one side of the church, and the parents on the other side… with enough tension in there to easily be felt by any. To me, I knew a house divided could not stand, and had left. Thus, such another invitation was something I approached with caution, but something also stirred within me… something I could not explain immediately.

Despite my father and I not speaking much at the time; I felt compelled to inquire about this church. My father had knowledge of several different branches of religion, and I thought perhaps he might know more of the LDS one as well. I still remember clearly to this day - 23 years later - his reaction to my inquiry. He got up from the table quietly, his face holding a strange look I had never seen before - one of deep contemplation mixed with longing, remorse, and other things I could not catch. I figured I had said something wrong, but felt like I could not leave the kitchen table. He returned with his triple combination set, and handed it to me.

"If you want to go - you must read the first 20 sections of the Doctrine and Covenants. If you still wish to go after reading and talking to me; you have my blessing. I can only pray you do better than I did."

Those were his words, and filled with a deep curiosity and desire to know more of what had my father acting this way - I went straight to my room and read all 20 sections that very night. When the next morning came; it was to tell my father I wanted to go. There was no discussion as I expected, but I guess he saw how deeply I desired this after reading what I had. He merely nodded quietly, and that was the beginning of it all.

He did not come to my baptisim… none of my family did, but I loved the moment all the same. From that day forward to now I have never once stopped believing in my Heavenly Father and Christ and the Holy Ghost. Though I have been ordained as an Elder - I never went on any missions. Indeed, I did not feel I was ever ready to accept becoming an Elder of the Church - for there was so much I wanted to learn first, to understand, and to thus better serve. It would indeed be years later before I was blessed by Bishop Hamilton with the Melchizedek Priesthood in 2009.

So, for the past 23 years I have been among the LDS, and my faith has only grown stronger since that day in May so many years ago.

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