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Mormon pioneers: Ia M
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The History of the Saints in the State of Vermont, USA

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The History of the Saints in Trinidad & Tobago Book One


pioneering Mormons

Having been blessed by the Lord to be called through a prophet to serve as a full-time missionary in the England Manchester Mission(1) (North West England and Northern Wales), I've seen how great an impact history can have among people!

The history of the Church in the United Kingdom is very colorful and strengthening to the members there. Charles Dickens(2) described the British Mormons as, "The pick and flower of England." What about the Trinidadian Mormons? I felt it important that we should also know of our own pioneering history.

This book* has been produced to enlighten those who seek knowledge of important events that took place in the lives of members and non members in Trinidad & Tobago(3). The Lord has stated for us to

"Study and learn, and become acquainted with all good books, and with languages tongues and people "- (D & C 90:15)

I do not claim to be a great historian nor writer; in fact without the help of my editors, the prompting of the Holy Spirit and my cooperative member friends this book would not have been. It is permissible to review and quote from this book for historical information when teaching or sharing testimony. Any other use of this book must receive written authorization from the author.

1.Served October 1991 - October 1993, called by Pres. Ezra Taft Benson
2.'The Pick and Flower of England' by David W. Pickup p.6
3. Official name: The Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
* Refers to this Electronic Book as well - modifications were made from original text to make this E-book logical in its presentation.

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COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Books written by Jean Borde are Copyrighted under the laws of Trinidad & Tobago. No reproduction in digital or print form should be made of his works without referencing this site as the source. Commercial reproduction prohibited. Members of the Church are free to copy for non-profit use in lessons, talks, etc.


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