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The History of the Saints in the United States of America


Johnston’s Army

Indian agents soon expelled all Mormons who were not natives because of the Johnston Army trouble in Utah during 1856 that had been precipitated by false information given a gullible United States President, James Buchanan. President Buchanan believed that the Mormons were in rebellion against the United States and might be forming an alliance with Mexico.
The Johnston army invasion resulted in a great blessing for the Saints because of its affect on the building of the temple. Archibald Gardner’s biography states that after the army left and the foundation stones of the temple were uncovered, cracks in the stones were discovered which required a different approach to the construction. Without the invasion and the cessation of construction at that time a very large disaster might have occurred.
According to the biography, Brigham Young had set down at the construction site and stated he would not leave until the Lord gave him a revelation of how to handle the problem of foundation cracking. Archibald Gardner appeared and told President Young that the problem was a result of mortar being used between stones that did not properly fit together. The solution would be to tear out all the original foundation and replace it with stones that were cut to match perfectly without the necessity of the weaker mortar.
Brigham Young stated that Brother Gardner’s advice was his revelation and he instructed builders to proceed in that way. Enormous effort was required to replace the foundation but that was done and the building stands today as a testimony of that solution.
Johnston’s army was so called, because it was led by U.S. General Albert Johnston. Johnston later went to California and was encouraged by some to help lead and create a Pacific Nation. However, when the Civil War started he was anxious to get into the fight on the confederate side partly because of his disdain of General Ulysses S. Grant. He was killed at the battle of Shiloh on 6 April 1862.
Johnston’s campaign in Utah was to put down the supposed rebellion against the United States government by the Mormons. He died on the 32nd anniversary of the founding of the Church while he himself was in rebellion against the United States government.

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